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Modules in Bronchoscopy 2016                  

9-11 November 

Participants: pulmonologists, pulmonologists in training, nurses.     

Language: English

Location: VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

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Online registration: click here            day 1 & 2 full

This three day course consists of three modules with a stepwise increase in level: 1. Basic Bronchoscopy 2. Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy 3. Advanced Therapeutic Bronchoscopy. Apart from technical skills the modules will have a strong focus on the clinical context and team performance. Throughout the course considerable exercise time is provided at multiple hands-on stations in order to practice your skills. On day 1 (Basic) the emphasis will be on the airway anatomy and important skills such as handling of the bronchoscope, TBNA and airway hemorrhage management. On day 2 (advanced diagnostic) the emphasis will be on (lung) cancer staging and more advanced diagnostic techniques such as EBUS and autofluorescence bronchoscopy. Day 3 is all about therapeutic bronchoscopic interventions such as lung volume reduction techniques, tumor debulking and airway stenting.

You have the freedom to register for one, two or all three modules. We strongly advise to start with the basic module unless you consider yourself an experienced bronchoscopist. Prices: one day € 350, two days € 650, three days € 800.

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